Thursday, February 26, 2009

where everybody knows your name

*quick note - thank you, everyone, for your stress reducing strategies. i feel much better now - only stressed in spurts, as opposed to constantly. i have made use of, or will be making use of, everything you all said, so you're all cool! (matt, i just have to tell you that when i read your list, before i even got to "light tan" i said in my head "poopies." that was incredible.)*

tonight we went to get some delicious indian food at the royal taj in tempe. it is so so good. and my favorite part is the fact that we are regulars. here is how it went -

we walk in and the one waitress who is always there pointed to the table we should sit at. she always asks if we want to sit somewhere else, but we never do. then she pointed at us all individually and rattled off our drink order (coke, diet, diet) and as she was walking away asked if we wanted a menu that time. we never do. she came back with the drinks and told us what our order was (two chicken tikka masala, one lamb korma, one rice, three garlic naan, all mild). we just nodded and off she went to the kitchen. now, you can't tell me that is not awesome. she knows us well enough not to ask if we want beer, or one of those crazy (slightly disgusting) desserts they bring complimentary. i feel like i'm in "cheers" except it is a lot less crowded. and there are no cameras.

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