Wednesday, February 11, 2009

there are places i remember

my most embarrassing moment is a really good story, involving my first date, bare feet, and a really tall guy's leg... if you haven't heard about it, remind me to tell you sometime. you will not regret it. it will probably be my most embarrassing moment for the rest of my life, because i'm not sure there is anything that will beat it. however, i had an... incident... on sunday that may give that story a run for it's money.

when it comes to my car registration, i like to live on the wild side a bit. one time in high school, i was sluffing class on "official" rads business and got a ticket for having expired registration. then, last winter, i got another one in salt lake for the same thing. and then, on sunday, as i was leaving church with the rest of my ward, i got another one. there i was, pulled over on the side of the road, watching my ward pass me by, with the bright red and blue lights flashing in the background. lovely.

i wonder why these things happen when i am leaving church...

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