Monday, February 23, 2009

only one request

for the last... while, i guess, i have been a little stressed, for various reasons which i will not disclose here. (actually, maybe more than a little stressed. maybe a lot stressed.) what i will disclose, however, is a few of my de-stressing techniques and their relative effectiveness, so maybe i can get some better ideas from those of you out there who would like to help a brother out... :) (and now i am stressing about the grammar in that sentence. woah bill.)

- eating carrot cake for breakfast. and i may have possibly eaten some for lunch as well... this didn't help very much. but i still feel like it was a good choice. i don't have much of an appetite when i am stressed, so at least i ate something. and carrot cake is much healthier than regular cake, right?

- watching the jazz win, three times! (thank you, tnt and nbatv) that may not have been the most effective technique either, but it was probably the most fun. oh how i love those boys, if you weren't already aware. d.will is in my top five list of favorite people i have never met.

- molly last week taught me about "getting into the gap." this is where you clear your mind and think about absolutely nothing, to make yourself relax. i have a feeling this method would have had the desired result if i could actually pull it off. sadly, i can't think about nothing. (which relieves a little stress. at least i know i'm not totally devoid of thoughts, which is an issue that has been weighing heavily on my mind.) try it, and you'll see what i mean. "think about nothing" is a thought. i think i may have achieved it the other night for about .3 seconds before i fell asleep but i'm not really sure that counts.

- driving around with music and windows down, my favorite pastime. it works alright, but it would be better to be driving with someone to talk to. all those of you who are thinking about visiting, or just coming over to hang out, now is the time. the weather is perfect, and i have all sorts of great conversation stored up.

that about sums it up folks. i need some help - anyone have any suggestions?


Dude and Jessi said...

Drive with your windows down and music cranked up... over to my house! Ill talk to you! Also, I am a master of thinking about nothing, its how I fall asleep so fast. Is that a bad thing now? Am I devoid of thoughts?? Oh no, now IM STRESSING!!!

Thanks a lot... bring that carrot cake here! ;)

Matt said...

Watching the Jazz win is a great way to relax.

Also (for me):
- Learning goofy phrases in other languages (French, Italian)
- Playing the piano
- Writing
- Going to Bahama Bucks and getting a Bahama Mama Rama
- Playing tennis
- Hiking
- Puppies
- Volleyball
- Light tan
- Reading a good, thick book
- Reading a good, slim book (Anything with "Jeeves" in the title written by Wodehouse is a treat)
- Programmming
- Making lists on other people's blogs
- Finishing lists

Lacking Productivity said...

I like to wallow in self pity and over indulge in food and movies, but that is just me.

Jenalyn said...

me? i don't stress. nope. never. denial? NOPE! if i don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist! so la-ti-da, i'm so stress-free!

for reals, though, when i'm stressed i make lists (much like you're buddy matt, but different) of goals/things i need to get done YESTERDAY and then i cross them off as i go. because that's what usually stresses me out: too much on my plate w/o a light at the end of the tunnel. my lists help me see the light! also loud music. and sometimes a good cry. try both at the same time!

annnd to make this long comment even longer, i'm going to come visit so soon! in like, 50 days! that makes it seem like it's a lot farther away than it is... 6 weeks... 1 month, 2weeks, and a few days! woooo

idieh.trebbyl said...

I want to come visit you sometime. I miss you seester