Sunday, February 1, 2009

i'll be dreaming of the future

i always used to say, i like pro basketball and college football, and that's it. six months ago when i moved to arizona, i didn't expect to change my mind about that.

enter the 2008-2009 nfl season. (is it just 2008? someone should enlighten me...)

i have come to realize that most natives around here weren't cardinal's fans until they got to the super bowl. i can't say that i was really an exception to that (except i feel like i have a better excuse, having just moved to the state.) i liked the suns before i moved (not as much as the jazz, but i like them) and i'll probably always bleed cougar blue, and that was the way i expected things to stay. but watching those cards keep going and going and going and finally playing in the big game today, i am not ashamed to admit to being one of the new crop of cardinal's fans.

that super bowl game tonight is the best one i can remember watching. i have never really cared about an outcome in a super bowl as much as i did about the one today (maybe thats why the game was so good.) and even though it didn't turn out the way i wanted it to, it was a close, exciting game. i think i can safely say that i am an nfl fan these days, and the cards will be my team for life, bandwagon or not.

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