Thursday, February 19, 2009

more than i knew before

i hesitate in posting this, because i don't want to make everyone jealous. but i have to brag - i had two hot valentine's dates. that's right, i said two. let me tell you all about them -

hot date number one - my dad took me to the driving range.

sadly, i did not get any pictures of my mad skills (i forgot my camera). but to help you get an idea, think tiger woods, only twelve times better. and if you don't believe it, take me golfing with you sometime and i'll show off! after golfing, we went to get sushi. i love sushi with all my heart, but for some reason i haven't been much since i moved down here. so it was a nice treat.

hot date number two - dude and jessi brought scott over so i could watch him while they had some valentine's fun in downtown phoenix. and scott sure knows how to party! we had a blast - chasing the dog, playing patty cake, pounding the piano and guitar hero drumset, watching the slam dunk contest, trying to get him to walk so we could show mommy and daddy when they got back... (that last one was unsuccessful, sadly.) he was a joy, and can be my date anytime!

(i don't know what happened - scott looks a little frightened, and i look like the scary gum monster for some reason. seriously, why are they so big? this was the best i could do by myself, sadly.)

obviously, i had the best valentine's day anyone could ever ask for! thanks dude and jessi for sharing scott with me, and to my dad for helping me develop my awesome golfing skills!

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Dude and Jessi said...

Scott had a good time too, and wants a repeat date... next weekend?? ;)
Really, thank you Jenna! Youre the best date/sitter Scott could ever want!