Monday, February 2, 2009

starting now i'm starting over

my little sister tagged me the other day, and i wanted to do it, so i am going to. but i'm going to do it a little differently - instead of 10 things that bug me, i'm going to post 5 things that bug me and 5 things that don't bug me. that way, i can avoid having bad karma (i hope). here goes:

five things that bug me
one- unfinished conversations

two- when people get mad at me for reading the end of things. i'm not hurting anyone, and i should be able to determine how i read books. i'm 25, for goodness sake :)

three- dropping toothpaste on my shirt

four- waking up at 6 am everyday, for no reason. why does this keep happening?

five- people who ask for favors passive aggressively -just ask. (or really, passive-aggressiveness in general, although i think i am guilty of it more often than i like to think i am)

five things i like
one- looking at old china pictures, and hearing from china friends

two- remembering a song i love on my ipod that i haven't listened to in at least eight months

three- clean sheets

four- re-reading old conference talks, like this one and this one

five- when i ask for advice and get just what i needed to hear


Emil, Caroline and An Angel... said...

You picked good peeves and...un-peeves. haha! p.s. Happy b-day a bit ago...did i wish you that?

idieh.trebbyl said...

hey that was a beauty way to do it! i'm sure karma's out to get me now. yikes!