Tuesday, January 27, 2009

you've been eager to fly

sometimes after it gets dark (i guess it happens in the day too. so really, just sometimes) i get that restless feeling in my bones. and when it happens, i go outside to the backyard, lean my head way back (or lay down on the patio) and look at the moon, or the clouds, or just the sky in general. i love the feeling of just being there, surrounded by the stars, the sky, the air.
lately when this happens, i feel claustrophobic just being in my backyard. i want to push all of the extras out of the way - the trees, the fences, the houses, the mountains. i don't want anything coming between me and the horizon. maybe that is why i want to learn to sail, or why i have been contemplating getting my pilot's license. all that wide open space, that never ending horizon line, sounds heavenly.

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Lacking Productivity said...

I rarely stop to look at the sky. This reminds me how much I should. I really need to stop and appreciate the world around me more often.