Saturday, January 24, 2009

i just can't wait to be king

for my birthday, my dad got me third row tickets to see this
at asu's gammage theater. it was incredible - the costumes, the music, the set, everything. i loved every second of it. when the show started, and the elephants were walking down the aisles of the theater to the stage, i got some tears in my eyes. (don't ask me why. it was so weird.) i loved every second of the thing, except for the seconds when the girl next to me was talking or putting her elbow in my side. but really, even in those seconds i mostly just loved it, just a little annoyed as well. i was mesmerized by the way the set was basically alive - people were the grass, the trees, the animals.

i love the moral of the story - who you are is important. all in all it was a great experience and really, i just want to move to africa now and live in a safari. (ha ha.) plus, when we were done and walked outside, this is the sight that greeted me:
beautiful sun, clouds, blue sky, palm trees, other green trees, and 75 degrees. i was made to live in the sunshine.


Reid Family said...

Hey where is Alex going? That's awesome! Evan goes in at noon. We need to get together next time you are here!

Dude and Jessi said...

Hey, what sort of a friend am I if I didnt even know it was last weekend, or as you how it was?! geez...
Im glad you loved it!!