Thursday, January 15, 2009

maybe you got lost

every once in a while something happens in my life that makes me miss china so bad i can't stand it. and when i say something happens, really, it could be anything. i'll see something, or hear something, or just catch a flash of something similar to something that happened over there, and it all comes rushing back. like the time i smelled that really awful smell at one of the schools i go to and remembered the awful awful awful stinky corner. we delicate american girls had to walk past (to the incredibly wonderful dumpling shop) holding our breath, or breathing through our mouths, but the chinese people actually bought and consumed food sitting right on that corner. or the time i heard a girl mention her ex boyfriend, and remembered how every semi attractive chinese man became my "next" boyfriend and we tried to sneak pictures of them as they sneaked pictures of us. just last night, something else occurred - something that is really frustrating, but at the same time so endearing. like when a puppy eats your shoe but then looks so sheepish about it you don't have the heart to get mad. i have been thinking about watching this movie for a long time, but haven't had the time to until just last night. i remembered that i bought it in china, so i located it in my gigantic black movie holder and got myself all situated, with some movie treats and comfortable pillows. i popped the movie in, pushed play, and settled in for some good old movie watching. and it was in chinese. dubbed, in chinese. i went to the menu, searched for an option to turn on the english, and it was there, but inaccessible. they blocked the english option, so your only choice is watch it in chinese or don't watch it at all. i guess that serves me right for spending $0.75 on a pirated movie.


Debbie said...

oh that is so funny! We saw the pirated movie guy hurry and pack up his wares one time in Hong Kong. I wonder why :-). I smelled that stinky pot food in Hong Kong. Oh it was so awful. Tim actually ate some in Taiwan on his mission. He just laughed at me while I held my breath and ran for four blocks. Oh it was awful. I think that is why Timmy has so many allergies. Stinky pot!

Reid Family said...

Ha Ha sorry to laugh. Just had a mental image. Sorry your movie didn't work out. China looks like a cool place to go. Maybe I will go someday. We should go together!