Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the wind blows sweetly there

i'm finally feeling better - like i crawled out of a cave somewhere. i'm not feeling great, but better, and i figured i better write about my awesome utah trip i got back from over a week ago. so here it is, folks:
on march fourteenth, i walked onto an airplane and traveled back in time.

back three months ago, to january temperatures. (az's january temperatures. i know it was warm in utah, but i was freezing.)

back one year ago, to the days of living at village with beth, emmalee, lisa (who was only at this reunion in spirit), dre, and dice (the thugs) and all the fun times we had making fun of our home teachers and other various crazy people.
(this is an old picture of me and dre dawg. it's got me thinking about long hair again...)

back seven or eight years ago, to those younger days in my old home ward and the people there who all watched and helped me grow up. they are good people, and it was good to see them.

back over ten years ago, to the good old days of family reunions. we haven't had one for probably at least ten years, and i saw cousins i probably haven't seen for that long. what fun times.

i got to go home for my little bro's farewell - he went into the mtc exactly one week ago to spend three months before he heads way down south to argentina. he did an awesome job on his talk - he was the kind of public speaker i wish i was: calm, self-assured, natural. he brought everyone to tears and made everyone laugh in the same ten minute talk, which is something i don't think i have ever accomplished (my mom doesn't count, she cries at everything.)
all in all, a very successful trip. i saw people i love, (although i did miss some. sorry guys! i'll plan better next time), got to eat at tucano's, wrestle with the dogs, and hang out with my little bro before he leaves for two years, besides all that time travelling i already mentioned. what more could you ask for?

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idieh.trebbyl said...

i really liked having you down here. hey p.s. you should write books or something