Thursday, June 24, 2010

do they collide?

my plans after work included this:

coming home and changing out of my skirt
curling up with my laptop and a little white dog
watching the jazz pick ninth in the draft

only one of those things happened fully - the other two are happening halfway, because someone is an idiot and forgot to check what time the draft started (that idiot would be me), and it's way too hot for dog curling up.

i three quarter-heartedly approve of the jazz's pick. they really needed a center, but what can you do if the pickings are slim? gordon hayward is decent... we'll have to see what happens before i pass any more judgement.

on another note, it was 112 degrees today and i saw a guy in full motorcycle regalia on the freeway - leather jacket, chaps, boots, helmet, all black. what in the world? isn't he afraid of melting? i would be! there is no way he could be cold - why wear all the gear? it's a mystery, i guess.

and speaking of freeways, today was one of those days - sitting at work i felt a road trip coming on. anyone else ever get that feeling? suddenly all i wanted to do was jump in a car (that someone else is driving, preferably. i'm slowly losing my desire to drive all the time and would like to be the passenger more often these days.) with a good playlist and good company, and an exciting destination that includes a beach. driving through the desert at sunset with my feet on the dash and the stereo up sounds like just about the best thing i can think of at the moment...


Stephanie said...

Jenna-I have missed you. My job feels like a road trip almost everyday. I always want to jump out.

Bucher Family said...

Hello road trip to the beach?? I'm going to the beach tomorrow!