Thursday, June 10, 2010

this story's old but it goes on and on

i'm back.

sorry it has been so long. i'm a hoser. but i'm back now, and life has just been going on and on. too much to update everyone on right now, especially because i'm really excited about this post! maybe i'll update as i go, because i'm sure i'll be reminded as i go.

so, now for the fun - i've been thinking lately i should make a bucket list. maybe not a bucket list exactly, but along the same lines. i want to accomplish this list as fast as possible so i can write a new one. so without further ado

101 things to do
1. read all books on top one hundred (maybe the bbc's list... or another one.)
2. make a list of one hundred places to visit before i die
3. write a book and get it published
4. adopt a child
5. learn another language
6. get my pilot's license
7. attend a playoff game that wins the series (preferably the nba finals, and the jazz. still a jazz fan.)
8. master fifteen recipes so i can just make them off the top of my head
9. sew three quilts (i made myself the awesomest purse imaginable! pictures to come)
10. ride an elephant
11. have two picnics on the beach - one in the day and one at night during a full moon
12. sail around the world
13. meet the prophet
14. publish a magazine article or story
15. go on a cross country road trip from san deigo to maine
16. read every book of scripture
17. learn to make jewelry
18. run a half marathon
19. write one hundred handwritten letters
20. memorize twenty-five scriptures
21. go to the temple once a week for one year
22. learn to play hungarian rhapsody and clair de lune on the piano
23. visit fifty temples and at least one on every continent (with a temple)
24. sing with a band
25. volunteer at least one hundred hours
26. unplug for one weekend - no phone, no tv, no computer, no ipod
27. plant a tree and carve my name in it.
28. bury a time capsule
29. spend christmas day helping out
30. meditate for three hours in one sitting
31. learn how to successfully make pasta
32. read a book a fortnight for one year
33. cook something i've grown (there is now a garden in my backyard. pictures to come of this also)
34. build a treehouse and sleep in it
35. buy a stranger's lunch
36. build something that will outlast me
37. leave a love note on a windshield (somewhere not at home)
38. watch the sunrise from a mountain
39. send a message in a bottle
40. learn to make sushi
41. spend two nights in a hammock, at least one of those nights on the beach
42. get married in the temple
43. spend one day each with my siblings, my parents, and my grandparents
44. throw away or donate one hundred of my unnecessary items (if i have that many... i'm sure i do)
45. sit front row at a basketball game (again, preferably the jazz. maybe in the opponents arena, and be really obnoxious.)
46. make up a new game
47. read one whole novel out loud to someone
48. write a song (at least lyrics and melody)
49. raise chickens from an egg
50. learn to play the cello
51. go on a humanitarian mission
52. spend one whole day without looking at a clock
53. take one picture everyday for a year
54. memorize five poems
55. work out six days a week for one month
56. simplify, simplify, simplify
57. say something to someone's face that i would normally say anonymously, or not say at all
58. stand on top of a mountain
59. visit the capital and/or largest city in all fifty states
60. sing with the mormon tabernacle choir
61. read every book i own
62. leave a $100 tip
63. swim in all seven seas
64. start a dinner and game night group
65. learn something top secret
66. visit the senate and the house of representatives and see our government in action
67. be the boss
68. sit on a jury
69. teach someone to read
70. make a personal mission statement, live by it, and revisit and revise as needed
71. buy a house and spend time making it exactly what i want
72. take a hot air balloon ride
73. make a hole in one in real golf (not mini golf)
74. have long hair again
75. learn to scuba dive
76. own a brand new car
77. get lasik
78. read thoreau at walden pond
79. play a game of cricket
80. shower in a waterfall
81. finish my one thousand paper cranes (nope, not done yet. i'm lame.)
82. fly first class
83. go on a safari
84. play a round of golf in augusta (my team got second place in our work golf tournament in april! i won $20!!)
85. learn tai chi
86. create my own list of one hundred best books
87. be debt free
88. help someone in a way i wish someone would help me
89. try a new food every week for three months
90. be on a game show
91. take one hundred hour long walks
92. take a trip by myself
93. got camping for one whole weekend five times
94. learn to make good bread
95. write in a journal every day for a year
96. participate in a walk for a cause
97. create a list of my top one hundred songs of all time
98. interview my remaining grandparents, and my parents
99. go one week without sugar
100. eat one hundred meals while enjoying the great outdoors
and 101. is a secret...

alright, hopefully that wasn't jenna overload. i'm back though, for real. and i'll keep you posted on the list progress.


Bucher Family said...

You're inspiring! How long did it take you to come up with all those? I'm pretty sure I want to steal some of those and make my own list! Oh and I REALLY want to know what 101 is! Please, we're really good friends and I'm cool like you!

Stacy said...

Okay, when you do #37, I think you definitely need to put it on the windshield with a chapstick wrapper...for old time's sake.

I highly recommend #79. A guy from Sri Lanka taught me and a bunch of my friends to play once, and it was SO much fun (mostly because it was funny to watch a bunch of Americans who had no clue what they were doing).

I like your list! I'm glad to see that you are blogging again. Maybe I should be better about updating mine.

Dan said...

Welcome Back Jenna.

you can combine some of these, right? Like #13 and #40 - (sushi night with the Prophet). #42 and #75 would be cool to do on the same weekend.

I'll make you dinner sometime and you can do #62

Good list.

3+Love~aki=Us said...

That is one AWESOME list!! I need to do something like that!

Love that your back for good!! You make me laugh, and inspire me every time you post. It's so great to enjoy you again :).