Monday, June 21, 2010

i won't be sleeping much tonight

after a crazy weekend which included a) the jenna show at church yesterday (i spoke and sang, in that order), b) first pool party of the year and c) more confusion regarding the world of dating boys, i am ready to get on with this week. (hopefully sans confusion. but who knows if that will happen. seriously, what are you guys thinking? i would like to know... and that's not a joke.)

next week will be the first official meeting of the book club... of jenna and staci. we maybe should come up with a good name for it - something catchy but also intelligent sounding. i'm hosting it, and i've never run a book club before. what do you do? i will probably end up looking up some questions online, ignoring them, and using my own theories to start some discussion. if it's just staci and i, the discussion should be pretty exciting. at least that would be more successful than the last book club i tried to have, which consisted of me.

and if this fire in flagstaff puts an end to my camping plans this weekend, i might cry. it has been far too long since i went on a good camping trip. and this one promises to come pretty close to that last one (i doubt you can beat singing les mis and phantom around the campfire, followed by waking up to discover you camped in the middle of two roads, and then fishing. but i'm sure going to try!)

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Bucher Family said...

OH my word! I am thrilled and singing in my heart to remember I was a part of that last camping trip! No, it can't be beat, not unless I'm there! And someone else CRAZY like Cody! Now what would be embarassing is if your referring to another camp trip! As for the book club, I need a list of good books to read from you! Thank you and oh yeah, I'm really nice so tell me 101!