Sunday, June 27, 2010

i made a clean getaway

happy birthday to... my blog! this post is number one hundred, and in celebration, i'll tell you a story.

once upon a time, about four months ago, one of the guys at work asked me if i would like him to set me up with someone, namely his son. (those were his exact words. he's lds, and thinks i'm getting a little ancient.) after a few weeks of his persistence, i agreed to give him my number for his son.

the persistence of the father was the first red flag. the persistence of the son should have been the second. i am a busy girl, and he'd call when i was busy working or teaching or hanging out with some friends. but he kept trying, and when we finally talked he set up a date.

so, the date was kite flying. sounded like a good idea at the time, but it turns out flying kites is only fun if the person/people you are with are also fun. i stood there, holding my kite string, thinking "what now?" and then it started to rain. and still, we flew kites. it thought i might have a benjamin franklin experience, but was spared, luckily.

after we finally got done with the kites, we went to lunch. at quiznos, where my date had never been. he paid for our sammiches, then left the counter without them. we sat at our table, me thinking "is he going to get them? should i go get them? am i going to have to make myself a sammich at home after this? what is going on?"

finally, one of the nice worker girls brought our sandwiches to us (probably got sick of looking at them) and set them down on the table. now, by this time it was about 4:00 and i was hungry. so i picked my sammich up to take a big bite, and got asked this question:

"oh, are we just going to say individual prayers then?"

so... we ate our sammiches, got up to leave, at which point i was informed that i would be working on answering mindtrap questions on the way home, and he would help me when i got stuck. boys of the world - if you ever want to have a second date with a girl, it may help if you don't insult said girl's intelligence at any point in your life. i showed him though - i killed those mindtrap questions.

that's the end of my date story, and my stories of that boy. now i want some homemade ice cream...


Bucher Family said...

Oh my weirdy! Please tell more stories I love love love it. I think I'll be smiling all night now if not laughing. Seriously, please please leave me more stories and also please tell me number it another date with this lover boy?

Dan said...

Hey, you told me that you enjoyed our kite-flying and Quizznos date... So, that's a 'no' on the second date then?

Lacking Productivity said...

I'm sorry you endured this.
I'm trilled you lived to tell the tale.