Monday, July 12, 2010

here i am, where i've been

so, i've been listening to radiolab the last little bit, and forgive me for geeking out a bit, but i really love it. it's like bill nye the science guy, but for grown-ups.

take today, for instance. today, i learned about the little men who make our dreams, einstein's theory of relativity, how rats and iguanas and ducks and dolphins sleep (and how that compares to human sleep), and how to make the best zoo exhibits. in one day, and all while i was typing up orders and answering phone calls and opening mail.

also occurring in my monday - one of those moments that just hit you where you feel so happy you just want to sing and dance and be in a musical. i was just minding my own business, folding some papers, when i thought about all of the wonderful things in my life - past, present, and future.

- china
- being set apart in a new calling yesterday
- going to the temple tomorrow
- new plans, and new ideas
- learning new things

it hit me like a boulder - knocked the wind right out of me! i'm blessed, and loved, and just because life isn't perfect doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable. those two things are not mutually exclusive. i guess some days i just need a reminder of that - a glimpse of what i forget during the normal hours of my life.

(now here's a picture, just because. i'm wearing my favorite shirt, at my favorite sushi place, with my favorite sister. so, pretty much incredible.)


my name is john said...

hey thats 3 s's

JessiLeigh said...

Wait, Bill Nye the Science Guy isn't for grown ups??!?!