Wednesday, July 28, 2010

how i wish you could see the potential


- i thought it was going to storm tonight, finally. monsoon season is the only reason arizona summer is good. and yet again, it passed my house by...

- last night was the fourth night in a row i lost sleep because of "inception." i knew i was wimpy, but i didn't know i was that wimpy. (yes, it scared me. i'm wimpy. stupid five seconds at the end.)

- i've been thinking all week about tie-dying some shirts and making cinnamon rolls, but i just can't bring myself to invite people over for that in case it turns out super lame. so maybe i'll just do it myself. (and deliver cinnamon rolls to random neighbors, because i can't have those things hanging out at my house. i just want to make them, not eat them.)

- i'd feel good about a four day work week/three day weekend. every week.

- i ran out of radiolab to listen to, and now i'm bored at work again. sunday night we watched a show about the universe on the science channel, and i knew all the answers. :)

- the bulls are turning into the poor man's jazz. (except they got kyle korver and ronnie brewer, so more like the jazz 2.0. raja bell and gordon hayward better be worth it, or else.)

- i'm getting more impatient, the older i get. no bueno.


Bucher Family said...

I want to come tie dye shirts and make cinnamon rolls! But I would probably eat one...or two! Why don't you and Lisa come out next week?

Jenna Kae said...

ok! we're gonna do it on saturday, and you are totally invited. just leave right now... :)