Saturday, July 10, 2010

like a good captain

if you find yourself having a day where you hate the planet, feel free to try my foolproof formula to get yourself over that hatin'.

take one best friend, one two year old, and one five month old (the cuter the better. the best specimens reside in mesa, az.)

add a delicious dinner and some chocolate custard.

let sit for approximately an hour and a half, or the length of one silly chick flick.

throw in some good conversation and a dash of cold war kids.

voila! you've got yourself the recipe for success right there. nothing like the power of a two year old to cure anything that ails ya.


my name is john said...

only works if those things are available though : |

Jenna Kae said...

well next time you hate the planet let me know and we'll see what i can arrange. maybe that is a jenna exclusive sort of recipe.